Grow in the south-east of Bavaria

Tasks and goals of Vermarktungs Gesellschaft Ruhstorf a. d. Rott mbH

Vermarktungs Gesellschaft Ruhstorf a. d. Rott mbH has been set up by Landkreis Passau and Markt Ruhstorf a. d. Rott (associates) with the objective of marketing the Landkreis Passau area with a particular focus on the municipality of Ruhstorf a. d. Rott. They aim to recruit businesses in order to create more jobs, as well as to improve both the image and economic structure of the Passau region on a non-profit basis.

Their main objective is to create new jobs as quickly as possible, both in the Passau region in general, and in Ruhstorf a. d. Rott in particular. These jobs will be created by businesses moving into the area. Their target audience is primarily companies from the industrial sector.

Vermarktungs Gesellschaft Ruhstorf a. d. Rott mbH acts as a central point of contact for companies wishing to relocate and they foster close collaborative partnerships between all those involved. They are responsible for devising and implementing marketing initiatives, as well as for acquiring and taking care of potential investors.

Our service for your company


The district of Passau with the Ruhstorf a. d. Rott market offers a great deal of potential for the industrial development of companies in various locations. We see our services and tasks as presenting local and international companies the many advantages and location factors offered by the business region of south-east Bavaria and to encourage them to establish and expand their company in the district of Passau.

We can show you why the district of Passau is the ideal location for you to establish or expand your company, which advantages the region of south-east Bavaria has for your sector and which funding opportunities are available to you. Our service is free, constructive and confidential – from the planning phase, through the search of industrial locations and choosing one to the implementation itself.

We will be happy to give you confidence in making this decision – contact us.