Area potential and investment options for your business

Attractive alternative locations in the district of Passau

With 38 towns, market towns and municipalities, Landkreis Passau is an attractive area in terms of both economics and living and has successfully positioned itself as an appealing alternative to overpriced metropolitan areas. Why not seize the opportunity and find out for yourself? We support companies that wish to settle in our region and offer them a vast selection of notable locations with excellent location factors (education system, leisure activities etc.) and a unique quality of life. It is important to us to preserve the social structure, the touristic factors and infrastructure as well as the wide cultural environment considered locations – this is how we succeed in shaping our district into an attractive space to do business and to live.

Representative companies call the district of Passau their home, whose products and business services are known beyond the boundaries of the district and which are successful. With us, you can do business in a unique region in the border triangle between Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic, with

  • an excellent mobility structure (airports, railways, motorways)
  • attractive spaces at affordable prices
  • a crisis-proof moderate range of suppliers and value chains
  • very well-trained and highly-motivated workers

To continue to guarantee the growing quality of our district, we are looking for you as a company with a high level of workplace productivity and high-quality workplaces to settle in the district of Passau.

Your point of contact for alternative locations in the district of Passau

We are the service point for companies in the district of Passau and participate actively in the development of the region into a dynamic and sustainable business region. Why not seize the opportunity and find out for yourself?

Ms Heidi Taubeneder, promoter of business development for Landkreis Passau, will be happy to inform you about the suitable business sites and she can give you individual advice regarding the funding options available.


Dipl.-Kffr. (business graduate) Heidi Taubeneder
Economy, location marketing, regional development and planning
Domplatz 11
94032 Passau
Tel. +49 (0851) 397-246

Heidi Taubeneder ist Wirtschaftsförderin des Landkreises Passau

Invest, live and work in the district of Passau – we will support your settlement plan


Every investment in a site, every project, is unique – and we offer support for you with diverse funding opportunities and our tailor-made settlement and investment service. Contact us and find out the impressive details for yourself!

Searching for the perfect site in Landkreis Passau? Why not make use of the online search function available on the IHK Standortportal Bayern. Provided by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, it’s free of charge and contains all the important information on the sites available: