The Lower Bavarian government is working towards making Lower Bavaria an attractive economic and technological location. Members of staff give companies advice regarding finance and funding, among other things.

One of their principal tasks is to financially support investment projects in industry, trade and other service sectors. Investment sums start from a substantial amount of €200,000 for the Landkreis Passau, as an “area with a particular need for action” (maximum support for medium-sized companies: 10%, maximum support for small companies: 20%).

Investments can be supported if

  • the company predominantly operates nationwide, that is to say their turnover is mainly generated from conducting business outside a 50 km radius and as such, the company creates even more added value for the region. For practical reasons, nationwide sales have been assumed for 50 sectors, without the need to provide proof in each individual case.
  • if action is being taken to create new or secure existing jobs.

Funding cannot be awarded if the project has already begun before an application was made to the Lower Bavarian government. The project is considered to have begun if a supply or service agreement including information on realising the project has already been finalised.

The Lower Bavarian government can also make use of EU funds provided by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) established to support industry and commerce, in addition to regional and federal funding.


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