Siemens AG Funds for the Future at the Ruhstorf Industrial Park

Siemens AG aims to

  • offer employees at the Ruhstorf factory a reliable and attractive alternative
  • make sure the Ruhstorf factory continues to be an attractive site by establishing production companies on the premises

The support provided by Siemens AG is exclusively for the Ruhstorf industrial park and includes:

  • investment subsidies for each former Siemens employee recruited
    (20T for unskilled, 10T for skilled staff)
  • a one-time rent subsidy of 15€/30€ per m² when a 7/10 year rental agreement is signed
  • Siemens employees can become qualified by way of an organizationally independent unit (beE*) over a 17-month period
  • floor space rental

Prerequisites for receiving support include:

  • a transparent business plan
  • suitable documentation of finances
  • applicant has suitable competences
  • rental agreement lasting ≥ 5 years
  • employing ≥ 10 former members of Siemens staff

*(betriebsorganisatorisch eigenständige Einheit)